The ReactionFinder is the online search engine for the ChemInform Reaction Library (CIRX), a part of the ChemInform family. CIRX contains over 1.7 million reactions and covers data from 1990 to the present. CIRX is produced by organic chemists as a useful tool for the synthetic organic chemist. Data are selected from about 100 journals by precise selection criteria.

The main aspects covered are:

  • new reactions and syntheses including enzymatic and microbial processes
  • application of new reagents, catalysts, catalyst/ligand combinations and supported materials for the preparation of new and known natural or pharmaceutically interesting products
  • application of known methods to the synthesis of new compounds
  • improved synthetic procedures
  • enantio-and diastereoselective syntheses
  • new protection/deprotection procedures


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Editors' Choice 2015, number 11: Cooperative Catalysis by Palladium and a Chiral Phosphoric Acid: Enantioselective Amination of Racemic Allylic Alcohols.